Newborn Photography-Joost

A Doula friend of mine recommended her client to me, for a newborn photoshoot. Christi & Henk are from Holland and have been living in our beautiful country for a number of years. When I arrived at their home, their parents from Holland had arrived and were soaking up the sun and enjoying their new grandson.

Christi wanted some relaxed, natural poses of their son, Joost.  As she is a photographer as well, she had a good idea of what she wanted from the shoot – so it was great to have the common ground to work from. I think the shoot reflected the personality and home of this great couple, starting their journey as parents.

And then there was. The Dog.  A Bouvier. What a beauty!  I can just imagine little Joost taking him for walks when he’s a bigger boy.. or most likely it will be the dog taking Joost for walks?!

All in all, a delightful shoot, with much artistic licence – thank you Christi & Henk!

03 7089 82 81 75 726956 53 43 37 36 30 23 15 13 11 A very special strawberry mark on his big toe – so sweet!08