Birth Photography-Ella-Jean

The homebirth of Ella-Jean… a gorgeous Sunday morning and I was called out to come through as Amanda was in labour – I immediately got welcomed by dad-to-be (already a proud dad of two sons) – and I was given a T-shirt with the slogan, “Choose Love”, written on the front and Ella-Jean (their baby girl’s name), on the back of the T-shirt.  Such an awesome touch!  The whole birth team; midwife, doula and parents and myself, wore the same T-shirt, part of this awesome group, cheering on mama in labour.

The energy was so calm and relaxed – home-births usually have this peaceful space- there’s no rush and we wait… and after a while, Ella-Jean makes her wondrous appearance and it is. Beautiful. Peaceful. Joyful.  I go home on a birth high – what a miracle to witness another soul coming earthside…


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