My love of art and photography is surely genetic. Artists, writers, and musicians run in the family, so it was only natural that I did what I loved best and completed my schooling at the Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School in Johannesburg, where my love of photography blossomed. This, followed by a degree in Fine Art and a year of studying Photography in Holland ~ fast forward a couple of years, three children and a Danish husband later, which has led me here. I like it here.

With my passion for art, photography and people, I create portraits that capture the ‘Circle of Life’ – the mysticism of pregnancy, the miracle of the newborn… and how families grow and change, long after the moment is gone. A photograph will remind you forever of that time in your life. My passion for capturing the moments of pregnancy and birth prompted me to become a Doula (support for mothers and fathers during their pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond); and while providing this support to wonderful families at their most vulnerable and empowered was amazing, photography is the bread I get out of photographing those ‘buns in the ovens’.  My genre has expanded into ‘Lifestyle’ photography and I do everything from Weddings to Corporate imagery.

I believe in a relaxed session with plenty of time and scenery! By doing this you’ll see a wide range of relaxed, diverse images and especially with children, allowing their true personality to emerge.  This allows me to focus entirely on you, creating unique, elegant, hand-tailored portraits.

I’m just simply following the Circle of Life and I would like to help tell your story.

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